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Runner with Chronic Back Pain

 Dear Dr. Carvalho, 

I’ve been doing really well as far as my back goes; I’ve built up enough endurance to run for about 50 minutes outside.    

I never really had the opportunity to thank you for your help with my back pain. The two years before I visited FORMA were extremely frustrating as I bounced from one therapy to the next without results.  I am exceedingly grateful to be able to run again and return to the lifestyle that I love, and I really don’t think I can thank you enough for your help.  Throughout all of the five physical therapies I visited before FORMA, I never experienced the unwavering attention to detail that you and everyone at FORMA practices.  I am convinced it was this attribute of your office that helped me resolve my pain.  In addition, the kindness of everyone at FORMA made every visit to therapy a pleasant experience, and once again, I am so happy to finally be able to return to running.  I hope you and everyone at FORMA is doing well. 


L. Shapiro  

Wounded Runner Program

 After participating in the FORMA/Snail’s Pace Wounded Runner program, I feel stronger with less vulnerability to injury in my training. The injury recovery sessions are guided and safe, which allows your progress to be visualized, realized and improved upon. In short, the sessions are valuable to anyone who must overcome an injury that affects their training or competitive performance. 

FORMA’s trainers and doctors provide extensive information to inform participants of the work and assignments necessary for each level of recovery. The personal attention to each participant is documented in each and every training session. These professionals also take the time to convey their knowledge and experience in order to reduce the chance of injury and to provide the mechanism recommended to overcome and heal the body while training. 

Training to overcome an injury under the watchful eye of FORMA is enhanced and facilitated by trainers, professional therapists, in addition to the camaraderie of the group participants. 

I am entirely grateful for the attention to my needs and personal injury limitations, and my recovery has been a reeducation in healthy training habits as well as in injury recovery. 

Ron Rodarte


Pain from Arthritis

 I have known Dr. Carvalho for nearly 25 years (first as a personal trainer and second-degree black belt in Judo, then as a masters of Biomechanics, and finally a Doctor of Osteopathic medicine). Dr. Carvalho is dedicated to the understanding of his patient’s injuries, physical limitations, and the need to enhance their sports performance. As a result, he deftly applies his immense knowledge of how the body and mind function together, which helps FORMA’s patients address their physical issues. He demonstrates an intense commitment to his patients, and uses a combination of humor and empathy to help them overcome their limitations. Dr. Carvalho and the entire FORMA team have helped me address a variety of limits based on an arthritic condition, and stay as functional as possible. They encourage me to stay committed to my physical and emotional well-being. When I have pain, Dr. Carvalho tracks down the true source of the pain and explains to me why the pain exists. He gives me a variety of solutions from which to choose (based on how conservative or radical I choose to be in pain management), and encourages me to be part of the treatment team, making it clear that I am responsible for my health. 

I trust Dr. Carvalho with my life and no matter what I face, I would insist that he be a part of the process of healing. 

Gayle Trenberth, PH.D 


Lower Back Surgery and Knee Surgery

Dear Dr. Carvalho and Dr. Bakman: 

This is the season to reflect on the past year and be thankful for our health and blessings. We would indeed be remiss if we did not recognize the two of you and your excellent staff for the gift of renewed good health that you have given to both of us in 2009. 

You have indefinitely forestalled or eliminated the need for knee surgery for Jeanne, and for back and neck surgery for myself. My renowned orthopedic back surgeon told me to schedule a spinal fusion surgery (he prescribed Vicodin for cervical neck pain). These extreme measures would have directly reduced my quality of life and overall physical fitness. 

Our cardiologist and friend, Dr. Michael Radin, referred us to FORMA. You showed me that the imaging did not appear to warrant a need for spinal fusion surgery. Through extensive treatment and rehab on both my lower back and neck, today I am physically active and pain free. My quality of life has been restored. I am biking 100 miles a week, as well as boating and playing basketball again with my grandsons. I should note your treatments, however, have not restored my “three-point jump shot,” but there are limits to medical science, I suppose! 

Jeanne has already had surgery on her knee and was looking at additional surgery. After extensive FORMA treatment and rehabilitation, she too is physically active again. She still has occasional pain if she over does the standing or walking, but she is also able to bike, walk, swim and exercise again. 

Besides your obvious medical skills and talents, we believe your unique multidiscipline approach and “hands on“ techniques have given us a recovery that we could have only hoped for. The two of you work remarkably well together as a team and lead a very competent support and office staff. This is rare in our experience with medical providers. We commend you! 

We are grateful for your excellent care and the personal interest you have taken in our recoveries. Of course, we are recommending FORMA to our family and friends for their orthopedic and rehab needs. 

James B. Woods, JD & Jeanne C. Woods, RN